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10/19/17 "Working with Serg was a long time in the making, but definitely rewarding in my professional advancement of my modeling career. Upon first meeting him while investigating the arts world during my undergraduate years, my first interview with him was a calm, and enlightening session of getting to know his style, the nature of his work and his expectations of his models. As well I got to know him as a Jack-of-All-Trades which was impressive for me as a youth as a very unique professional role model.

It wasn't until years later after graduation, teaching ESL abroad and also establishing a modeling portfolio did I meet Ken again. I had finally overcome the body-negativity so ingrained in our superstitious culture and stopped paying attention to the skeptical opinions of non-arts professionals.

Our great project in conjunction with the envelope-pushing international photographer Henning Von Berg was a series of breathtaking nudes with several other models in a foot-blistering desert shoot out towards Jacumba. Tackling pose after pose we embarked on an adventure among abandon train tracks, iron hot train roofs and the burning sand dunes where George Lucas filmed Star Wars. And the conclusion was even sweeter discovering all our hard work resulted in publication in the summer 2017 issue of San Diego's Rage magazine.

When my mom saw the epic quality of the photographs, she was impressed. It was all the approval I needed. As an African-American male in California, its hard getting a break without Ambercrombie & Fitch genetics. But working with Serg and his eye for aesthetics, I was certainly able to advance far enough to feel a little bit of celebrity.

Thanks Serg for Everything!
- Q.A. Bradford - Art Marketer/ Disability Advocate, Male Image Consultant, Martial Artist

6/20/17 "In more than a decade that I have known Serg I have always adored his wonderful images. His creativity as an artist and technical skills as a photographer are impressive. We have done artistic collaborations, which have been a pleasure because he is passionate, easy-going, fun, and treats everyone with respect to bring out the best. I always appreciate his professional advice, and honored to call Serg a close FRIEND. Thank you for all those wonderful photo shoots!"
- Henning von Berg (Photographer with 48 international coffee table books, 157 publications, and multiple museum displays worldwide)

5/26/17 "I would love to work with you again for literally anything! Thank YOU for the amazing photos! It was an absolute pleasure working with you. I've legitimately loved just about every photo we collaborated on. I am in awe of how these photos turned out. This may just be my favorite photo on my Instagram now."
- Sam Ortiz - Aerialist, Performer, Event Coordinator, Model

2/17/17 "Follow my friend @sergstudios ! He's an awesome photographer that I love working with, and super great guy to know. Check out his work and show some love by following his page and getting photographed by him!"
- Joshua - Personal Trainer

9/30/16 "When I started Fitness Trainer Magazine I was extremely fortunate to have the wonderful and OUTSTANDING talent of Serg Studios. The magazine contained great articles and vivid graphics as a result of his contributions and images, which helped to jump start FTM into immediate success. We worked together for almost 20 years prior to FTM start up when he also shot covers and editorial content for Exercise for Men (EMO) and Men's Exercise magazines, in addition to judging our competitions. I hold him in the highest regard with gratitude and appreciation for both his talented skills as a photographer and great guy to know."
- Robert Rose, Founder of Fitness Trainer Magazine (FTM), Former Editor & Advertising Director of Exercise for Men Only (EMO), Men's Exercise (ME), and Natural Bodybuilding and Fitness magazines.

10/24/16 "My first fitness feature in Men's Fitness magazine shot by Serg Studios was my first paid shoot at age 40. I can remember being so nervous, but Serg made me feel so relaxed."
- Dr Paul Talbot

9/17/13 We both would like to express our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the beautiful photos you shot of our wedding and great experience you provided us. You are genuinely a skilled professional with passion and friendliness that far exceeded our expectations. You reinforced that we made the right decision to implicitly trust you.

As we type this while looking at the amazing large image framed on our wall we're reminded how much you made the experience of our special day so much more memorable. From the suggestion of locations to the use of lighting, your friendly and outgoing attitude clearly demonstrated your expertise and commitment. You also knew exactly how to adapt working with both of us. It also made our decision to hire you for another event an obvious choice.

Thank you!
-Cris Soulia and Eugene Nunez

8/18/13 Dear Serg – I can’t thank you enough for the incredible shots you took of me for my web sites, publications and when the media and my clients request them. I’ve already shown them to my colleagues who are keynote speakers and they are very impressed. You were incredibly patient with me and you chose the best lighting, clothing and poses that really bring out my personality and make me look like a million bucks. And I really appreciate your professionalism, attention to detail and timeliness in getting all the shots looking as good as possible. Rest assured I’ll be referring you to everyone I know because you…are…the…best!
- Gregg Ward, CMC, BCC Orlando-Ward & Associates, Inc.

1/8/13 After recently doing a portfolio shoot with Serg, I can honestly say he is a true professional in every sense of the word. From start to finish, he exceeded my expectations. He produced some incredible images and provided guidance that helped me get additional work. I evaluated several photographers before making my decision with Serg, who was highly recommended by a published cover model. Prior to the shoot, Serg met with me to discuss the different images that would meet my needs. He helped with the planning and preparations and clearly knows how to adapt his style. During the shoot he made it fun and exciting, and guided me in a way that resulted in some amazing shots. Even after the shoot he helped me create a zed card and coached me on modeling and industry tips that helped me get attached to a local agency that is now sending me on casting calls. Serg is definitely an incredible photographer, creative artist, passionate about the work, and a true professional to experience!
-Jason McKenna

10/23/12 Wow, I have done many photo shoots all over the world. But honestly, when shooting with Serg it was a totally new and great experience. It was much more than the photo shoot itself where he gave very good direction and created awesome images. You will learn many tips both as a model and what fits best for your future plans. I feel that I went to a whole new level and I highly recommend a shoot with him, or even a short chat with him can also be very helpful.
Abed JE

2/ 15/12 Serg has launched the modeling careers of several fitness guys including James Ellis, Jason Phillips, Rob Riches, Luke Guldan and several more with such covers as “Exercise for Men Only” magazine . Serg is a trusted and creative photographer who captures images and people with photographic passion, artistry and precision. Serg knows how to put people at ease while bringing out their best physical attributes. He has also provided useful and trusted business advice because of his extensive industry experience that is a genuine asset if you get the opportunity to work with him. I will continue to request Serg Studios photography skills to help launch careers of up-and-coming young fitness professionals. I recommend him most highly!”
Dr Ed Young, MD- President, Dermatology Group
Los Angeles, CA

9/6/09 Serg, the magazine photos you shot are amazing!!! We are extremely impressed with your work. I want you to know how grateful we both are to know you. We appreciate you going to great lengths to walk us through every step in this process. It's rare to find such great people so willing to share their knowledge and experience in this business and help to open doors. My words can only say a genuine "Thank You," but our hearts say so much more. We really appreciate everything!
Mark Tilden "Mr Exercise" fitness model and Allison (wife)
" Exercise for Men Only" Sept 2009

"Camera $5,000, Round trip to San Diego $475, Grilled chicken salad (double meat) $9.95, Shooting with Serg of Serg Studios… priceless!
Thanks for my first Cover, practical business advice and a great working environment.
Luke Guldan- cover model - March 2009

"Thank you sooooo much!!! We are thrilled. I want to also thank you for your professionalism and especially your follow through. I really enjoyed working with you and look forward to future endeavors. I will also recommend you as much as I can, you really are GREAT!!"
Carolyn Brumfield- RKCII Russian Kettlebell Certified, NASM Certified (Consultant)

"I first met Serg at a bodybuilding competition in NYC in September where he was judging and taking photos. I immediately realized that he was much more than a photographer-- he really cares about his subject, and does everything he can to help out. He is very generous with his time and the sound advice he offers. Thanks to Serg I already have 2 magazine spreads!"
Adi Shein - fitness model

"Hey Serg,thanks for the great photoshoot in San Diego! Your work is truely some of the best out there and you have a way of making a model feel really comfortable. Your professionalism and passion for photography are evident in your work. The images that we created were truely some of the best I ever did. Also the connections I made through you were extremely helpful in propelling my modeling career. I owe you a lot. Your covers keep getting better and better all the time. Next time I am in San Diego I want to shoot with you again. You ROCK Serg!!!!!"
Julian Fantechi - "superstar" (Serg's word not Julian's)

"Serg, it was fantastic being able to talk to you this evening. I perused again your site and you have such a great body of work. Many years ago I used to work for Getty Images in Seattle, so I know a good photo when I see one!"
Dave - boyRio clothing

"Serg, wow...I had such a great time shooting with you over these past few days! The results are phenominal!! You are a great artist and photographer and it was very easy and rewarding working with you! Thank you for being there for me and helping me establish so many different connections. You went above and beyond my expectations and helped me to no end. Thanks, your friend, Simon Dexter" - cover model

"Hey Serg, words cannot emphasize enough the degree of appreciation I have for you. Thanks very much for helping reach my goals in such an uncomplicated and simple way. Shhoting with you was a thrill, the experience was a dream, you are an amazing photographer!"
Rony Moutran - Fitness Model - Beirut Lebanon

"I really appreciate everything you've done for me Serg and everything you're doing. I love working with you. It was great. Carla was great. The experience was great. The photos came out awesome. So, I look forward to seeing you again Serg. Take care."
Simon Dexter - cover model

"Serg, I couldn't be more thankful to you. You're an outstanding photographer with a very creative mind that will surprise anyone. The entire experience of flying to San Diego and meeting you was something I will never forget. From the moment I met you until the end you made the experience very comfortable and enjoyable. You are a professional whom I had a privilege of working with and would recommend anyone who wants to truly work with someone who know the fitness industry to excellency."
Alex Carneiro (Exercise for Men Only magazine - 12/08 "New Year New Body"

Thank you for all the expertise and guidance that you shared with me throughout the course of my photoshoot with you in San Diego for EMO (Exercise for Men Only). As a model, I am still learning about the business of sports and print modeling and your wisdom and opinions have helped answer a lot of the questions that I had with the industry as well as shape the avenues that I have since pursued. I would like the opportunity to shoot with you again if it arose. You attention to detail and ability with keeping the model comfortable helped make it a fund and memorable experience for me. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Best Regards,
Zeke Samples

Thank you Serg for such a great shoot this weekend! You made me feel very comfortable as a guest in your home, and that same comfort level transitioned into the images. You were great at motivating and posing me as a model and the results show this very concept. Shooting with you was incredibly fun, and the steps you took to ensure everything was in place contributed to the success of the shoot. You treated me very professionally and gave me awesome advice as to
how I may improve both physically and professionally in my career as a model. You were a great guy to hang out with when we weren't shooting and to talk to about different subjects that came about in conversation. I would not hesitate to recommend you to other models as my weekend was incredibly smooth and the results hold promising for my future. I look forward to future projects with you and our continued success. Thank you Serg!
Kevin Craig

My shoot with you remains one of my best overall experiences. You seemed to take a personal interest in the process and treated me with the utmost respect. Your excitement (in particular with the last shots) left me with a sense that we had done something important.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with great people. I don’t mean to discredit any of those photographers. I’m grateful for all the opportunities that I’ve had. Still, many photospheres give the impression that you’re an inconvenience and/or barely human. I’ve been on shoots were I felt like a prop. Even worse, I’ve left shoots feeling like the experience did not matter to anyone involved.

Regardless of how the pictures turn out, I think that the process of creating them is a big part of making art. I think you’ve found a way to capture beautiful images in a way that makes people look and feel their best. To me – that makes you one of the best photographers out there.
Justin - fitness model

"I always have to give credit to... Serg of Serg Studios for getting me my first fitness cover." (ohlalamag) "I also loved shooting with Serg as he knows the perfect poses and angles to make your build look big and lean. You can clearly see years of experience and talent in these photographers..." (connex247)
James Ellis - cover model

"Hey Serg, I just had to drop a note to say that you're a very talented photographer, who also happens to be sincere and professional, which can be hard to come by! As you know I've done a lot of covers with a variety of photographers ranging from Men's Health and Maximum Fitness to others in between. So I genuinely mean it when I say that, to me you clearly possess
the right combination of skill and commitment to excel as a photographer. And your connections in the industry and coaching support have definitely helped models find success. You were able to get me a 3-page fold-out poster inside 'Exercise for Men Only' magazine, as well as personal
profile of me as a pilot and fitness model. Wow, the effort to make that happen on the active and highly secured ramp of a JetBlue flight at the San Diego airport with limited time counted in minutes was intense pressure. But your professionalism combined with skill and talent showed that not only were you incredibly prepared, but you knew how to work with everyone and
immediately captured some rare and spectacular shots. I'm honored to have shot with you, and to know you, and hope that we can shoot again."
Your friend - Max
Max Wettstein - Fitness cover model, and Airbus 320 Captain - Jet Blue Airways
"Your Abs Expert"

Serg, thanks again for doing the personal shoot of me. I was honored that you agreed to it and genuinely impressed with the whole thing. From the start you treated me like I was one of the stars you regularly photograph. The time, direction and patience you gave me both in advance and during the shoot really made all the difference in creating pics that exceeded my expectations. Thank you Serg!
John C

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